About us

Altanlar Plastic Trade and Industry Ltd Company
Altanlar plastic, which has been operating in packaging sector since 1994, has included the modern technology into machine park by following the technological developments and changing customer demands and by making new investments in the industry. Our company, which gives importance to institutionalization point, has been following the developments in flexible packaging sector. Our company has been built its company policy on customer satisfaction and has been sharing its savings with its clients directly by keeping quality and fast service in the forefront.

Our Mission
Our company has assumed its role as a leading manufacturer in the region since the year of its establishment. In the framework of responsibility, it has given importance to customer satisfaction and has never compromise on quality.

Altanlar Plastic, which has been producing solutions everywhere packaging is needed, has been giving service in all types of packaging demands in desired size and colour. Owing to the packagings that we have produced to our customers with the latest technology, we offer the opportunity to the longest advertisement at the lowest cost.

Our Vision
Our aim is not only to protect the products of packaging until they reach to customers but also to add value to products and storage products to the consumer by maintaining its presence even after exhaustion. Thus, while providing additional benefits to the consumer, advertising of products would be delivered in such a way that consumers will see value in mind to get it and brand awareness will be achieved.

Our goal is to offer the best quality product to our valued customers as soon as possible as we do today and will do in the future.